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Black Reishi Fire Cider

2nd Place Winner at the 2023 International Herb Symposium! 


Fire Cider is an herbal recipe made up of spicy herbs (like cayenne, garlic, ginger, horseradish...) allowed to infuse in apple cider vinegar. Some old timers swear by taking it daily by the spoonful to keep away those nasty winter colds and viruses. 

+ Reishi mushrooms are known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the mushroom of longevity! 

+ Black Garlic is a form of garlic that starts out as regular garlic but through a heating process "cooks/ferments" into a sweeter,deeper flavor (as well as turning dark brown/black). 

= Put all of that together and you get a delicious fire cider that you can use to stay healthy!


$20.00 8 fl oz/236ml
Award Winning:
2nd Place at 2023 IHS!

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